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Our loans are for long term use only and may not be the cheapest option. TinyLoan is an emergency fund which you can use in your emergency time. You can use this amount at the time of pay house rent, EMI, School Fees, Medical Emergency, Mid Month Cash Crunch, Salary Spent etc.

We offer you total transparency from start to finish, so there are no hidden surprises after you accept the loan. If you’ve ever been short at the end of the month, you know how nice it would be to move Tiny Loans. That’s why TinyLoan is here for you.


We will customize a loan based on the amount of cash you need, and the term length you want.


Applying for a loan take just few minutes, and when you are approved, we will transfer the funds to you on a fly !!


We take care of our customers by ensuring they only take loans they can comfortably pay back, so no stress to them or to us!


With so many exciting things to catch up on, we don’t want you wasting your valuable time waiting for a loan when you can so easily get it online from us!

Applying is Quick and Simple

  • Your Way
    Using the request funding, select how much you want from ₹10000 up to ₹100,000. You don’t get slugged for direct debit costs that most of our competitors charge simply to pay your loan back.

  • I’m Interested
    Check out our Request Funding to apply now and get your TinyLoan rating.

  • Oh, So Simple
    Unlike the banks, we don’t need you to get us copies of pay slips, bank statements, or other time-consuming documentation. We utilize safe, fast technology, which allows you to submit documents online in seconds.

  • Super Secure
    Your online security is our concern. We’ve partnered with the best in the business to ensure that your details are safe.

  • Two-Way Street
    Repaying your TinyLoan is easy: you can setup direct debit on your payday. We will send you a reminder that it’s coming so you don’t forget.

  • As Soon As Possible (ASAP)
    Your application should only take 5 minutes, and once approved, your money will hit your account within a few minutes if you’re with VijayaBank. It can take a few hours if you are with another bank or if you’re applying outside of business hours, you should get your cash the next business day.